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Joining our Trust

Why join a Trust?

During the course of 2022, the DfE provided a definition of 'Strong Trust', which will be used in a future regulatory approach and act as the basis for transparent assessment for potential for growth. The defining features used by the DfE are high quality and inclusive education; school improvement; strategic governance; financial management; and workforce.

Where a Trust runs a group of schools, it has the power to create a collaborative framework:

  • Teachers work and learn together to improve the way they teach;

  • Schools share practices that make a difference to the quality of teaching;

  • Teachers and leaders can work together on the things that matter – like curriculum and assessment;

  • Schools can improve – only one in 10 schools that were required to join a trust were judged good or outstanding before they converted, compared with almost seven in 10 after they joined a trust (of those that had been inspected);

  • It is more possible for teachers and leaders to move to another school to help improve the quality of education where that school is struggling – and these moves are more likely to be to schools with more disadvantaged pupils;

  • It is more possible to be efficient – and thereby to invest money in supporting pupils to have wider opportunities.

The Coombe Academy Trust is well placed to support any phase of education from Nursery through to Sixth Form, including settings providing SEND support. 

Please do get in touch for any enquiries:

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